Valley Vacuum Products 

Valley Vacuum Products (VVP) designs, manufactures and sell vacuum system hardware including vacuum components, vacuum flanges, and vacuum fittings and customized vacuum chambers for low to ultra high vacuum applications.

Valley Vacuum Products (VVP) customizing products to your specifications while maintaining quality workmanship and minimizing lead time. Our staff has extensive experience in the ultra high vacuum design.


Mission Statement

  1. Our commitment is to provide high quality products and meet all customer needs includes:
    ● Competitive price.
    ● Quick turn around.
    ● In-house manufacturing.

Custom Engineering Avaliable 

Valley Vacuum Products offers custom vacuum chambers, parts and weldments made to your drawings or specifications.


Our 3D CAD software allows us to quickly design chambers, parts, weldments and to view every angle in 3D for port interference before manufacturing process begins. We have TIG welding and helium leak checking facilities to insure you receive a high quality and meet your specifications vacuum fittings, custom weldments and custom chambers ready for your vacuum system.


Please contact us for more information regarding our custom engineering service.